It Didn’t Stop There…

Those of you share my concerns about “The Message” will find this quite disturbing.  We should have known that the idea of paraphrasing the Bible to tickle the ears of half-hearted believers would’ve been expoited by other religious groups.


Ken Maley is writing what he’s calling the “New New Testament”.  As you read about this “New” book, notice the references to the original work of the Old and New Testaments as being incomplete, not relevant, and needing improvement.  These are “buzz-words” to tell you to STAY AWAY!


Find the informtation here:

The Emergent Church is also coming out with a new version of the Bible called “The Voice”.  No need to go out and buy a copy in order to know that this false religion is taking God’s Word and using it for financial gain.


This is what we call “Extra-biblical”- meaning NOT of the Bible.  Outside of the Bible.  NOT OF GOD.  I hope you all see the deceitfulness in this.  Pray for those deceived by this movement, its teachers, and now its extra-biblical writings.  And do not believe that you can gain revelation from God by reading this book, other than to be told it is FALSE TEACHING.


One thought on “It Didn’t Stop There…

  1. It is a crazy thing that many Christians won’t bother to read a bible, but they will The Message. When I’ve pointed out the editor, Eugene Peterson, is not even Christian and has been exposed as a liar in regards to his education, they argue back, protecting him! I’ve seen this book on the desk of pastors, used at the pulpit, and as I followed word for word in reading I saw the distortion. No one during that service said a thing, and it was all I could do to keep from standing up! Now I wish I would have. Who cares! It doesn’t take much reading to see this book is not of God.

    As for the other books, I hope they are a little more wise in those selections. Blatant heresy, New Age, all mankind becoming gods! Better wake up out there!

    We have so much information give to us simply thru an internet search, but these blinded people are often also the ones who will not bother with the internet because it’s “so evil”. urg, yes, some sheep choose the blindness.

    Thanks for pulling this together! 🙂

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