Churches adopt new Ten Commandments

Apparently, over 600 churches in the UK are using a new curriculum developed by evangelist “J John” to learn an “updated” and “Friendlier” version of the 10 Commandments.

Read the article here, found at “The Telegraph”.

The article quotes a vicar who says,  “It’s basically a way of presenting the Ten Commandments to help   people connect with them in a positive way.  Rather than just seeing them as a list of things you shouldn’t do, it is   meant to help people live as God intended for our good.”

Didn’t God give us the 10 commandments (the Law) as a way of showing us our sin?  Which in turn leads us to acknowledging and repenting of those sins?  Which then leads to our awareness that we need the Savior, Jesus Christ?

This is just another example of how worldly churches are trying to deceive the followers of Jesus Christ into thinking that the Word of God is wrong, and that Jesus isn’t enough.

I did a search for this J John, and found his website.  The first thing I always do is to to the belief statement.  You can see what J. John believes here:

Apparently, J. John is an enthusiast of Rodney Howard Browne, even having experienced the “Spiritual Drunkenness” that Browne so famously promotes.  He even started his own “Toronto Style” evangelistic meetings in England.  (Charisma Magazine 1997)

I don’t know enough of this J. John to give an educated assessment of his teachings, but based on this 10 commandments re-write, and his affiliation with Rodney Howard Browne, he’s someone I’m definitely choosing to stay away from.  Keep your eyes open.  As he gains popularity, the US will soon swallow up any false teachings he may bring this way.




2 thoughts on “Churches adopt new Ten Commandments

  1. A little push to the great falling away –2 Thessalonians. When everyone is allowed and encouraged to do what is right as they think, or right in their own eyes, as the bible speaks of, there is no government – not societal, not spiritual. It is anarchy.

    • I am so dumbfounded by the number of people that follow this kinds of teaching, thinking there is nothing wrong with it. They have compromised in the worst way. These “subtle” errors lead to belief in a different Jesus, different gospel, different god. It is a shame that someone like this can become so famous, and so trusted.

      I agree with you M’Kayla- anarchy. That’s where it is leading.

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